It’s summer story time in the library!

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Halloween in Sant Pol (Barcelona, Spain) 2008



I remember as a child on Halloween, imagining witches flying through the night, and as I celebrated my son’s first Halloween, I became one of those witches! It was a perfect night, with a high swirling wind, blowing through the trees and the crashing of the waves on the beach. (Thankfully it had stopped raining, which had been my son’s concern for most of the day) We quickly got changed into our disfraces; Witch and Skeleton as my husband helped with last minute make-up.


We rushed down to my friend Sam’s bookshop “Liliput Books” in Sant Pol de Mar, where already some children had gathered to hear some spooky tales and then go trick or treating.


To break the ice and get us in the mood for some scary tales we first sang the Five Little Ghosties gracias a Dianne de Las Casas which Elliot (Skeleton) and Abi (Vampiress) had learnt a few days before.


Then I began the spooky tales, I asked Ines to help translate them.


I told The Viper adapted by Dianne de Las Casas,

Big Hairy Toe retold by S.E. Schlosser

and The Teeny Tiny Woman as heard by Donna Washington on The Art of Storytelling with Children.


The tandem telling worked well and the younger children’s eyes grew bigger as the older ones gasped in disbelief. We finished off by shouting TRICK or TREAT and they all set off (with the papas) to do exactly that.


Meanwhile I got on my broomstick and flew off to my friend Chloe’s house which was to be the final destination of the trick or treaters. The house being the star of the night, as it is down a long un-lit driveway. The children arrived running and screaming down the drive, to more goodies inside and a round of Chinese whispers.


My son’s first Halloween and his only complaint was that it didn’t last long enough!


Big thanks to Dianne de Las Casas, S.E. Schlosser and Donna Washington for their stories, to Ines and Tallulah for their translation, to Sam and Chloe for opening up their homes, to the papas who accompanied the children and Marc for these wonderful photos.


Happy Halloween!