Winter heart-warming stories

For my last two storytelling sessions at the library in Sant Pol in December and January the stories I have had a winter theme and a bear and animal hibernation theme. These are just perfect for snuggling up on the sofa on these cold winter days.


Shall-I-Knit-Mother I just love this colours in this book and it makes you want to get your knitting out.


And it’s always nice to come home and snuggle up when you’ve been for a walk just like in “A Perfect Day For It” by Jan Fearnley. This was one of my sons favourites along with “Peace at Last” by Jill Murphy which has become a modern classic.



For this last one there are some great resources on the internet and I’ve just found these exquisite illustration on the website The Illustration Cupboard well worth a look for any fans of illustration.


0853db64-ddaa-4298-915e-f94943b5f365And my hibernation story; well it came from an advert. I showed my children the advert that had everyone talking in England over Christmas. The bear and the hare. Enjoy!



Christmas Books – My favourite artwork.

In this post you will find my three favourite artwork books for Christmas.

A Christmas Story by Brian Wildsmith. Who followed Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem? The shepherds tending their flocks nearby, the wise men–and also Rebecca, Mary and Joseph’s young neighbor. With his richly detailed paintings, glowing vibrant colors and shining gold, Wildsmith gives readers a fresh vision of the familiar Christmas story.


Book A Christmas Story 2

Book A Christmas Story 3


The Night Before Christmas written by Clement C. Moore and illustrated by Eric Puybaret. The much-loved classic Christmas poem is brought beautifully to life in this gorgeous new picture book, sure to bring visions of sugarplums to everyone’s head. With dreamy, magical artwork by Eric Puybaret.

The Night Before Christmas


The First Christmas by Jan Pienkowski. Stunning silhouettes by Jan Pienkowski, the master of dramatic design, bring to life the story of the very first Christmas. With words from the King James bible, this is a truly classic and beautiful book to be treasured.




Beautiful and stunning artwork for Christmas. I also found these wonderful colouring pages on Jan Pienkowski’s website which have the added bonus of the written word on the page and all the children in my groups took some home for Christmas colouring.






Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas Fun

In the library in December I told lots of Christmas stories and we sang some Christmas songs. I really enjoyed selecting my books for this session, my criteria were good storytelling, beautiful artwork and humor. All the children enjoyed the books especially the funny ones which are included below. I will be using these books for inspiration for writing my next children’s play for LOOK OUT! Theatre Company which will be ready for Christmas 2013.


Santa’s Stuck by Rhonda Gowler Greene illustrated by Henry Cole. One snack too many lands Santa in a tight spot—literally. During his appointed gift- giving rounds on Christmas Eve, Santa can’t resist nibbling the numerous treats and sweets the children leave out for him. But the goodies take a toll on his waistline, leaving him wedged, unable to whisk himself back up a chimney. Luckily he receives a helping paw. This was a huge success with the younger members of my storytelling group which had them gasping at all the food and giggling with the consequences.

51Hsukoao9L._SL500_AA300_Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs. Father Christmas awoke from his dream of summer in the sun, and there it was on the calendar, December 24th, Christmas Eve, the start of his longest night’s work of the year. This book was awarded The Library Association’s Kate Greenaway Medal. This was popular with my older members who saw what it’s really like to be Father Christmas and gave them lots of down-to-earth detail.


The Nativity Play by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen. The Nativity Play is a celebration of the event and a tribute to all those who perform miracles with wire coathangers and stripy towels! Both groups of children enjoyed seeing familiar scenes from the Nativity Play which in Catalonia is called “Els Pastorets” which follows the shepherds that went to Bethlehem to adore him. As well as telling the story of the birth of Jesus there is a fight between the angels and the devils.

In my next blog I will include my top three Christmas artwork books. After I told all these Christmas stories we still had time to write our letter to Father Christmas and look at some worksheets from British Council.

Here you can some of the activities on line.

A letter to Santa

Christmas find the pairs game.

xmas 2012 003