Illustrated book of the month


I am delighted to add a new feature to my storytelling blog; “Illustrated book of the month” I love illustration and have started to build up a lovely collection which I would like to share. This first book is Counting Birds by Alice Melvin. I discovered Alice’s illustrations in an art exhibition in Edinburgh two summers ago.


Book description from Amazon

Young readers will delight in recognising the subjects of this charming story, that leads us through a spring day deep in the countryside, from dawn to dusk. The day begins with a solitary cockerel’s crow and the sunlight falling on two lovebirds in a cage and three china ducks on a wall. Swans, swallows, peacocks, geese and starlings, each lovingly portrayed in Melvin’s signature style, are among the many familiar birds that populate the pages. Intricately worked illustrations combine with a charming text, making this an ideal book to read aloud with children learning to count.




I’m storytelling in Sant Pol on Saturday, so look forward to seeing you there for some festive storytelling fun and watch out for next month’s illustrated book!


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