We’re Sailing Down the Nile



Today I was getting ready to go on holiday and I needed everyone at the library to help me pack my suitcase.  I packed a sundress, a hat, my flipflops and my sunglasses.

Imagen 003

Then I was ready to take a taxi to the airport. At the airport I weighed my baggage and checked in, I went through x-ray and hand luggage and then read a book while I waited in the departure lounge. My flight was called and I boarded the plane through the gate. I took my seat on the plane I took off and in a few hours I landed at my destination; Egypt!

Here are the flashcards I used to get ready to go on holiday


Then we were ready to set sail down the Nile!

Imagen 013“Climb aboard the river boat! We’re sailing down the Nile. ” I’m glad I took my hat. It’s very hot!

Imagen 015“We buy some food to share. We’ll  picnic on Kitchener’s Island” Such beautiful gardens.

Imagen 031“Climb aboard the river boat! We’re sailing down the Nile. We’ll hike to Giza’s pyramids in just a little while.” The pyramids and the Sphinx are amazing!

I had a great time telling this tale of  wonderful journey down the Nile. After we looked at some Gods and Goddesses that were central to life in Ancient Egypt. We finished by writing our names in hieroglyphs. Here are some photos.

Imagen 049Imagen 048Imagen 057Imagen 051Imagen 053Imagen 055

Great work everyone. Happy Holidays and I’ll see you in the autumn.



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