Little Red Riding Hood – November 2012

Meeting the wolf

Hello, I’m back again in the library in Sant Pol de Mar just outside Barcelona in Spain. We have started a new season of storytelling sessions. This year we are continuing with the two groups but in the first group we have some new young listeners who are all keen to learn English and in the second group are the children who have been coming to my storytelling sessions for a few years now.

The idea will be to look at a familar story for the first group and mix it up a bit for the older children.  I decided to start with Little Red Riding Hood which has some great aspects for young learners and after putting the illustrations by Pau Estrada (see above) in order we were soon chanting “what big eyes “. For the older children I told the story Lon Po Po a red-riding hood story from China by Ed Young.  I was very impressed with my group who now have enough English to be able to tell me the differences between the classic story and this one from China.

Lon Po Po

After all the storytelling we did some worksheets from the British Council Teaching English Website

The older group loved working on My Little Red Riding Hood Story and here are some pictures from the younger ones who followed my comands by drawing a big head, two small eyes, two big ears, one big nose, one big mouth and lots of small teeth.

Lucia Maria Pau Unknown artist Unknown artist 2

Eugeni Judith Kerala