Storytelling and art workshop at the colour box – la capsa de colors

We all had a great time at the color box – la capsa de colors.

We first looked at lots of different animals with wings, fur, scales, fins, tails, horns and feathers using these great flashcards and then I told the story Lord of the Animals by by Fiona French.

We then all had great fun making animal pictures using our hands.

Have a go yourselves, here are some pdfs you can print.

colom = a pigeon

cargol = a snail

anec = a duck

cacatues = cockatoos

Thanks to Gemma at la capsa de colors and to everyone who came to the first storytelling and art workshop. We hope to see you again soon.



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  1. Yolanda
    Jun 28, 2012 @ 09:01:42

    Tant jo com els meus fills l’Ona ( 8 anys) i el Martí ( 6 anys) ens ho hem passat molt bé amb el conte ( amb un vocabulari molt adient per nens) i dibuixant animals ( la Gemma de La Capsa de Colors ha aconseguit que el dibuixar no em sembli tant difícil). Espero que ho tornin a repetir.



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