The Great Kapok Tree

In April at the library in Sant Pol de Mar I told the story of The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry.

It is a tale of the Amazon rain forest and before I opened the book I got the children to lie down and listen to the sounds of the rain forest that I had brought with me on a cd. I then sent them off individually to look for the animals I had posted up around the space. They had a great time searching up high for the animals that would be found in the canopy like the toucan and the sloth and the animals from the middle layer, under canopy; like the butterflies and the iguana and the animals from the understory, shrub layer; like the anteater and the tapir. I think it was the best activity of the year and wonderfull illustrations from the book also make it one of my favourite books from the year.

For some great colour flashcards have a look here at the teaching resources at Sparklebox and here is my handout THE KAPOK TREE with a wordsearch, an illustration of the rain forest and a explorers check list.