Frosty February for StoryTime in Sant Pol de Mar.


This week at the library I told the story of Baba Yaga and the Stolen Baby. A story from Russia which suited the cold snap we have been having.

Production Description from Amazon

The black geese have been seen flying over the village, stealing children for the witch Baba Yaga, so Elena should be looking after her baby brother. But instead she runs off to play with her friends, leaving the baby alone on the grass… Jessica Souhami’s colourful collage gives a contemporary flavour to this lively Russian Baba Yaga folk tale, retold by distinguished author Alison Lurie.

To keep ourselves warm we danced to the song, A witch came flying. a_witch_came_flying

I also used posters diplaying key character attributes of certain characters from traditional fairy tales. The children had a good time discussing different characters and remembering vocabulary.

We ending the session with the children chosing a fairy tale character mask to cut out. Here are some below;

Happy Carnival!



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