Lord of the Animals

Happy New Year. I’m looking forward to a great 2012 full of storytelling and I started this storytelling year with “Lord of the Animals” a great book by Fiona French. I do love her illustrations and have told many of her other titles including; Pepi and the Secret Names, The Smallest Samurai, Jamil’s Clever Cat: A Folk Tale from Bengal and Snow White in New York.

Coyote has created the world and its creatures, and now he gathers a council to decide how they will make the being who will rule over them all. As the animals start to disagree fur and feathers begin to fly – until Coyote suggests they each make a clay model and then choose the best. Unknown to all of them, however, crafty Coyote has a plan of his own… Fiona French’s boldly-illustrated retelling of a Native American Miwok myth gives an intriguing explanation of how human beings began.  (Product Description from Amazon)

The children really enjoyed the story and afterward we played the game

What am I?






The children had to identify the animals from their silhouettes. It was a great activity and the children got very involved. Here is the worksheet I used; animals_great_creator.

In the first session of the afternoon we ran out of time to make some animal models in plasticine but here are some photos of what we made in the second session.

See you next time!