We’re Riding on a Caravan

In December at the library I told the story of The Silk Road. I used the Barefoot Book “We’re Riding on a Caravan” It is a beautifully illustrated book which includes a map of the Silk Road in China, The Story of Silk and Places Along the Chinese Silk Road.

After the story we played a game. The children played in pairs and each pair had a different item which they could trade with the other pairs. They had silk, jewels, animals, spices, paper and fruit. They went from town to town by throwing a dice.

Each time they where able to exchange an item with another pair they were able to get a stamp on their Passport and then use their map to find their next destination.

Travelers exchanged many goods across Asia, from shimmering silks to exotic spices. They also shared their music, art, and religions. We had a great time on our journey and if you would like to read to some more stories from the Silk Road click here and if you would like to listen to some traditional music click here.


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