Sant Pol Library, Saturday 12th November 2011

Yesterday at the library in Sant Pol de Mar we started off on our storytelling journey around the world. Our first stop was Ancient Eygpt and we started off talking about Gods and Goddess. We commented on the appearence of them and noticed that some have heads of animals. This is because often there is a connection between the god and goddess and the action of the animal. For example, the goddess of war named Sekhmet was shown with the head of a lion to demonstrate that she was ferocious.

We also had a look at the Eygptian hieroglyphics

I then told the story of Pepi and the Secret Names. “Prince Dhutmose has ordered a splendid tomb to be built for his final journey to the Land of the Dead. Pepi’s father is to decorate it, but how can he paint the unimaginable: the terrible gods Horus the Hawk, Sebek the Crocodile, and Mertseger the Winged Cobra? Pepi knows he can help. Armed only with his quick wits and knowledge of secret names, the resourceful boy sets out into the wild to bring back real-life models for his father. This enthralling, magically illustrated story transports readers back in time to the mysterious world of ancient Egypt and a hieroglyphics key at the back of the book helps them decipher the secret names.” from the book description @ You can find the book here.

You can see the cat from the story on his very own coffin, which is now in the Cario musuem. Click here to find out more about The Coffin of the She-Cat of Crown Prince Thutmose

Sarcophagus of Prince Thutmose’s cat

Afterwards the children wrote there names in hieroglyphics. Below are some examples and if you want to see your name in hieroglyphics click here at The Hieroglyphic Name Translator.