Story Time in Sant Pol de Mar

Here are some of the stories I’ve told at the library in Sant Pol de Mar.

In October we traveled to Africa and I told  Mabel the Clever by Margaret Read MacDonald. We sang The Lion Sleeps Tonight and the children did a follow up activity on animals and the clever things they do.

For the next month I told Six Blind Mice by Ed Young.

It’s an adaptation of The Blind Men and the Elephant which is a tale from India. We found India on the map and listened to some music from India. We also played a game where the children where blindfolded and they had to feel various objects. After the story the children illustrated a poem about an elephant using inspiration from elephants from India.

For the Story Time in December we listened to Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev. I used the illustrated story by Ian Beck which is beautiful. The children enjoyed spotting the instruments on each page as the different characters appeared. As an exercise we looked at the vocabulary of both the instruments and characters.

At the start of 2010 I decided to tell Anna and the Flowers of Winter. It is a Bohemian folktale and has a Cinderella theme, with a wicked stepmother and stepsister telling Anna to go and collect violets in winter.  Anna sets out on a magical journey and meets the months of the year all sitting in a circle.  During the session talked about the months of the year, the season and different fruits and flowers.


Workshop – Very Hungry Caterpillars

Here is photo taken from my theatre in English workshop at CEIP Sant Pau in Sant Pol de Mar. In this session I first told the story of A Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle with the children following the pictures. We then acted out the story with the help of some towels and bright scarves. It’s a true classic and the children really enjoy it.

…he was a beautiful butterfly!