Halloween 2009

Here are the photos from Halloween 2009.

We had an absolutely frightful night!


Welcome Back



Welcome back. I’ve been very slow in getting back into the blog but I’m glad to say not because of lack of storytelling to write about.

I’ve  started the school year with a storytime session in October at the library at Sant Pol de Mar where we went to Africa, sang The Lion Sleeps Tonight and I told Mabel the Clever retold by Margaret Read MacDonald originally a story from Sierra Leone.

We also had a fantastic night at the library on Halloween which I will tell you all about in another post.  Also I’ll let you know about my new Drama in English workshops and about the great day I had in Barcelona telling Stone Soup to 4 classes of 8 year olds.

But mainly I’ve been very busy with all the new LOOK OUT! Theatre Company bookings that have come in for 2009/2010 and rehearsing with a new actor. Please see http://www.lookoutcompany.com for information on our plays or email me serena@lookoutcompany.com but for now a very belated welcome back and happy storytelling.