My World Storytelling Day

I’ve just got back from the storytelling session in Arenys de Mar.  I had a really good time and although one day ahead of its official day I feel I’ve done my bit in marking world storytelling day here in Spain. I told The Gigantic Turnip which fitted well with the theme this year of neighbours and the time of year, spring time for planting. There were not as many children as hoped as today they had a day off school and therefore were out of there normal routine of school and then library. The children who did attend were younger than I was expecting too, most around four and five years old but one thing I love is how flexible storytelling is, you think you are going to do one type of performance and when you make some adjustment to consider your audience it turns out to be another. The parents had a good time too and I could hear them give their positive comments to the librarian on their way out. Here’s to more English storytelling in public libraries and many more world storytelling days! And here are some photos.img_47581




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