My World Storytelling Day

I’ve just got back from the storytelling session in Arenys de Mar.  I had a really good time and although one day ahead of its official day I feel I’ve done my bit in marking world storytelling day here in Spain. I told The Gigantic Turnip which fitted well with the theme this year of neighbours and the time of year, spring time for planting. There were not as many children as hoped as today they had a day off school and therefore were out of there normal routine of school and then library. The children who did attend were younger than I was expecting too, most around four and five years old but one thing I love is how flexible storytelling is, you think you are going to do one type of performance and when you make some adjustment to consider your audience it turns out to be another. The parents had a good time too and I could hear them give their positive comments to the librarian on their way out. Here’s to more English storytelling in public libraries and many more world storytelling days! And here are some photos.img_47581




World Storytelling Day

Conte en anglés a la biblioteca

World Storytelling Day: 19 de març, 18h00
Narradora nativa anglesa: Serena Worsdell
Lloc: Biblioteca Pare Fidel Fita, Carrer Bonaire, 2,
Arenys de Mar.  Telèfon: 937 923 253.  Gratis.

I went to the market …

This is a video from a Story Time I did at CEIP Sant Salvador in Cercs near Berga. During this term I have been to all corners of Catalunya as part of Pla d’impuls a la llengua anglesa by the Department of Education. I have been to Rubí, Reus, Barcelona, Tivissa and Arenys de Mar. Thanks to all the teachers for their help and their English students for being great audiences. After the Easter holidays I’m going to be visiting schools in Girona, Lleida and El Prat Llobregat .

APAC’s ELT Convention

APAC is the Association of teachers of English in Catalonia. Its main goal is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information among teaching professionals. Every year they hold a convention in Barcelona which offers the possibility of attending lectures and participating in workshops focusing on the teaching of English. It also offers exhibition space for publishers and theatre companies. Due to financial reasons LOOK OUT! hasn’t yet been able to exhibit at the convention but it is the second year that I have attended the lectures and both times I have felt it well worth experience. Like last year I came away with lots of ideas and made new friends. It also confirmed that using storytelling in ELT is a very worth while tool and gave me confidence to explore new and different ways of presentation. Afterwards I received a certificate endorsed by both APAC and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Below are the presentations that I found very useful and want to highlight from the convention. Click to download the handouts.

Sandie Mourao from The British Council

What’s In a Picture Book?

This was a very useful presentation on using picture books in the pre-school classroom. On the handout there are some fantastic books listed which are well worth checking out.

Julie Dawes from Cambridge University Press

Weaving a Web 

Julie had great energy and was very motivating. In the presentation I attended she talked about how teachers can use new technologies effectively in the classroom. In her handout there are lots of great internet sites to use with interactive whiteboards. She also mentions podcasts which are a brilliant new tool for listening activitives.

Louise Cooper & Fitch O’Connell from The British Council


Louise and Fitch talked about their involvement in the Britlit project. It’s a fantastic project from which I have already used some material. See the links at the end of their presentation handout for more details.

Just to end this blog I would like to say hello to everyone I met at APAC. It was great to see the teachers that have booked LOOK OUT! in the past and hear their comments about our plays and storytelling. It is always a great pleasure to hear how they and their students have enjoyed our work and that they are planning to book us again. See you again soon.