November in the Biblioteca

The month came round very quickly and I was back in the library to do my second storytelling session. This time I told The Bremen Town Musicians. We first looked at some animals with flashcards and toys.


The children happily made all the right animal noises however there is a difference between how an English dog barks; woof and a Catalan one; guau and it was a cock a doodle doo verses kirkiriki for the cockerel. The list goes on. I made some strange noises myself!


After the story the children were busy colouring and filling in clock faces. Here is a picture from Aina.


The following day we went walking in the mountains near our house and our guide pointed out ruins of a house where robbers had once lived. I told my son this must have been the house that the animals came to in The Bremen Town Musicians. If only I could have brought all the children from the library out to see those ruins!


The other day while looking for stories about trees I found this one which has the same theme as The Bremen Town Musicians, of animals all helping and working together. The Story of Four Harmonious Friends it’s from Bhutan. It’s a story which perfectly demonstrates harmony, interdependence, co-operation and friendship between four animals who become close friends. I’m looking forward to telling it.




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