October in the Biblioteca

I wanted to start this new experience of blogging at the start of the new school year so I could blog my first year as a professional storyteller. I’m able to do that as although I got my blog up and running with Halloween in Sant Pol in November; I think I’ve found out how to back date posts.


My storytelling year started in on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of October at the Biblioteca de Sant Pol de Mar.


In the library I will be doing a total of 8 sessions, one every month from October to May, I’ll be working with the same children and their ages range from 5 to 8 years old.


In October I told Little Red Riding Hood and Lon Po Po, a red riding hood story from China by Ed Young.


The traditional story of red riding hood was a great success, being familiar story and one the children know in their first language. After the stories we looked at some facts about wolves.


How many teeth do they have? 42

What do they eat? Wild boar, rabbits, deer, wild goats, small carnivores and fish.

What colour are they? Brown, black, grey and white.

How far do they travel in one day? 15 to 50 km.

Where can they be found in Catalonia? Parc Natural del Cadí-Moixerò.


The last question I found particularly interesting as I had been to the park a few weekends before and had talked to the park ranger about the wolves. By all accounts they have come all the way from Italy. For more information about protecting the wolves in Catalunya check out this site: http://www.fundaciofauna.org/proyectwolf.htm


After we did some drawing and colouring.

Here is the picture from Pol.

The British Council has an excellent web site called Learn English Kids with lots of great resources. Little Red Riding Hood is one of it’s featured stories. You can listen on-line to the story, play vocabulary games on-line and print out finger puppets of the characters.